About Our Expert Pest Control Company

Mills Termite & Pest Control is a professional pest control company operating in Columbia, SC for over 31 years, catering to the needs of both commercial and residential customers. We have a reputation as one of the best and most dependable exterminators. Our exterminators will handle your problem right the first time (in some cases, more visits will be needed), efficiently and affordably! Ants, termites, rats, mice, and many other pests have no chance against our powerful tools, techniques, and equipment! No matter if your problem is small or big, we will be always here for you! Mills Termite & Pest Control guarantees to provide you with the most effective and professional pest control services. Our professionals will take into consideration your exact requirements and provide you with the best solution.

Pest control

Except fighting against pest, we are quite good at damage restoration! That’s right, Damage restoration! For example, when your house is invaded by termites or after water damage, structure damage is unavoidable. After we exterminate all the pests, we can send our damage repair crew. They are all licensed, insured and skilled! Even if your house wasn’t damaged by pests, you can still rely on our crew! We hope you will never have to use our services, but no one knows when bad things can happen, and that’s why we are here to help!

Contact us now, and leave your problems in the hands of a professional: (803) 252-1467