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Insects aren’t really a pest. They only become pests when they start destroying your garden, slowly and silently rip your floors and walls off, and nibble on your food. If you are experiencing such a dilemma, a pest control service should be sought after. Mills Termite & Pest Control is the exterminator you are looking for. Mills Termite & Pest Control delivers professional pest control & extermination services in Columbia, SC and can handle almost all kinds of pests in our region. In addition, we offer damage repair services. We carry a high reputation within our local community and garner decades worth of experience in this particular service field. Ever since the establishment of our company, Mills Termite & Pest Control has striven to provide only the fastest and most economical pest control services. And based on our flawless track record, it seems we are doing quite a good job.

Controlling pests and eradicating their source is a daunting and tedious job. You could find them and kill them by yourself, but such a method will only provide short-term relief and can be a really difficult activity to manage by yourself. This being said, we, at Mills Termite & Pest Control, encourage you to take a shot at our services. We are entirely confident that you will not regret your decision. The trick is all about sparing enough time for planning and preparation. At Mills Termite & Pest Control, we dedicate ample time to each project to make sure the desired results are achieved.

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Bed bugs are oval and flat insects, the size of an apple seed. They feed on human blood or the one of pets. They are active at night when the host is asleep and can survive up to a year without having a meal. You can find them in cracks, mattress seams, sheets, and behind picture frames. If you are noticing strange bites or any other signs of these little creatures, you should definitely give us a call. Early detection is critical, and it will prevent a larger infestation. Our team will get rid of these bugs once for all! Let us come and help you! Call us today!

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Regardless of whether you have a same-day emergency or need weekly/monthly pest control, Mills Termite & Pest Control should be consulted. We can handle all kinds of pests – termites, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and many others. We never back down from any service, no matter how difficult or time-consuming it is. All of our exterminators are fully licensed, insured, and skilled. Our quotes are some of the most valued and cost-efficient you will find in Columbia, SC. While our quotes are cheap, don’t expect the same standard for our services. We have the fastest and most effective pest control utilities. We also thoroughly check all corners and tight spaces around the house to make sure the pests will not repopulate them after a month or so.

Environmentally safe pest control methods!

Mills Termite & Pest Control also uses eco-friendly and safe pest control chemicals during the pest management process. We also practice all standard precautionary measures possible to make sure no toxic elements are left in the house. Client safety is an aspect we strongly focus on at Mills Termite & Pest Control. We exterminate pests while keeping clients safe from harm.

There are different cases and needs when it comes to pest control. There are numerous pests that are found in households, office buildings, and business establishments. And each type of pest requires a slightly different extermination approach. At Mills Termite & Pest Control, our professional exterminators, mountainous experience, and broad network of resources enable us to provide a specific service plan that meets your needs and circumstances.

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Pest Control and Plumbing Work

I have used Mills Pest Control in the past for both pest control and plumbing work. Recently, daughter's home had old gray water lines under her house. Mills replaced these old water lines with new, more durable water lines at an affordable price. They also exterminated the whole house and treated it for termite protection. I not only trust this company with maintaining my personal property, but also with my daughter's property. This team of experts won't complete a project until the project is done right.

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